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although based in Godalming, near Guildford, Simon Hurst writes copy for clients wherever they are located

As an experienced and highly versatile copywriter, I can provide you with words. Words that work.

Every organisation needs them. Needs them to communicate with customers and prospects, employees and potential recruits, investors and the wider community. Sounds straightforward. But the trick is getting the right message across to the right people in the right way.

And that’s what I can do for you.

What can I do for you?
How can you be sure?

I’ve been writing copy for clients of all sizes, shapes and temperaments across the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors since ... hmm, let’s just say I started out on a typewriter. (Not that I’m stuck in the past. I may not have an inside track to Google but I do know a thing or two about optimising copy for search engines.)

And one thing I’ve learned from all my copywriting experience is how to make the process as hassle-free as possible for you, the client.

I’m happy to take a brief in whatever form you want to give it and no matter whether the job is small or large, one-off or ongoing, I’ll always be proactive in keeping you up-to-date on progress.

If you have a highly specific and/or highly complex brief, thatís fine. Iíll stick to it. But if you only have the vaguest idea of what you want to say, or how you want to reach your target audience, thatís fine too.

Iíve worked across the full range of traditional media and digital platforms - ads, leaflets, posters, brochures and press releases as well as web copy, email campaigns, e-newsletters and e-learning modules. Iíve also drafted articles and professional reports. And Iíve worked as a scriptwriter, producing scripts for radio and video.

If there’s a design element and you want me to work with your in-house design team, I’m more than happy to do so. Alternatively, I’m equally happy generating conceptual ideas myself and/or working with one of a number of freelance designers I can call on.

And whatever you need from me, I’ll deliver it on time and on budget.

How much will it cost?

I fully appreciate there’s always going to be an element of doubt when you work with a copywriter for the first time. Will this self-proclaimed wordsmith actually deliver what’s wanted?

That’s why, to prospective clients who ask nicely, I'm willing to offer an initial half day’s work on a “no like, no pay” basis. Which means you’ll have the opportunity to judge what I can do and, if you don’t think I’m the copywriter for you, you won’t have to pay anything.

If you do want to work with me, you’ll find my rates are highly competitive. (Typically, a short piece of one-off advertising copy, written from a telephone or email brief, will cost you significantly less than £100). And rather than quote you an hourly rate, leaving you guessing just how many hours I’m going to charge for, I’m always ready to agree an all-in price for any job in advance. That way, you’ll know exactly what the cost is going to be before I start working.

So why not get in touch. There’s no obligation.

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